Faith will get me thru it...In the end, that's all I have.  My faith will help me sustain all my challenges.  When fear, anxiety try to surface I return home -- I remember FAITH WILL GET ME THRU IT..

Last week my dear friend buried her youngest son David age 36.  Her middle son Adam said ," the drugs took his life."  " He said my brother lost his apartment, Loan sharks were chasing after him . He had to move in with his dad."  It was a dark moment when they found David slouched over in a chair  DEAD.

...Welcome to my life.

I start my message to you with this: I LOVE YOU. When my son Aaron was alive, he always asked me, "Mom, why is that the first thing out of your mouth when I call?

I said, "Aaron, sometimes you don't call for weeks, even months, and I have to seize the moment. I don't know when I'm going to get that opportunity next to say to my only son, I LOVE YOU."



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