I'm Aaron's Mom...

by Aaron's Mom (NYC Unspoken Poet) 17 August, 2017
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I'm Aaron G's Mom. I'm a mother of three children. Aaron was my only son. I lost Aaron to this epidemic of heroin overdoses.

My daughter is an addict and single mom to my eight year old grandson. My other daughter, Miriam, wrote a children's book called, I Love My Brother. You can follow her on Instagram at @doingdrugssucks and on her website at www.doingdrugs.sucks. All of us felt his loss when he overdosed and died on April 12, 2010. All of us fight to survive, and on good days, thrive.

I AM A SURVIVOR and a mother of three: Aaron, Chava, & Miriam. I am a grandmother to Chaim, Ari and Dylan. I've lost one child already and today I live my life not knowing if my daughter will overdose and take my grandson on this nightmare too. I'm fighting for my happiness every day of my life. I take one day at a time. This is the worst nightmare that can happen to a MOM OR DAD. I pray you get help so that no other parent has to wake up every day in HELL like parents who have lost a child.

I'm no different than a recovering heroin addict. I'm fighting everyday for my life too. I keep it real and my message is clear. I've raised all three of my kids alone from when they were just four, seven and ten. It was then that their dad walked out the door. But I made it somehow. I kept my business alive. And then two of my children began struggling with addiction.

I lost Aaron in 2010 to an overdose. My daughter Chava and my precious grandson Chaim live in a domestic shelter here in New York City. I write this blog so that I can keep everything in the proper perspective and keep moving, thinking, and feeling. Ask me how do I get through the day? Passion, grit, prayer and sheer force of will. Holding on by my fingertips and scratching my way up.

My recovery is linked to your recovery.

We are not alone.


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