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At My Recovery Resources, our passion is to help people achieve optimal health and wellness. This website provides information, resources, and current news about healing ourselves, our bodies, and our relationships for long-lasting, successful recovery.

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Mental Health and Wellness Resources for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

My Recovery Resources exists to promote health and wellness in our communities about the prevalence of mental health disorders. Poor mental health is the largest epidemic facing the U.S. today, affecting over 44 million Americans. Leading the list are depression and anxiety disorders, and substance use and process addictions.

This website is a resource for all who struggle with mental health disorders and their associated physical and spiritual symptoms. My Recovery Resources seeks to make an impact on our communities by providing resources and support for all to achieve the optimum balance of healthy minds, bodies, and spirits.

Million Americans are struggling with mental health disorders.
Million Americans struggle with Substance Use Disorders (SUD).
Thousand people committed suicide in the U.S. in 2017.
People commit suicide daily in the U.S. One every 12 minutes.
Percent of people with mental health disorders will receive help.


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Mind, Body & Spirit News

New research is emerging daily about how we can better achieve health and wellness in today's society. Read the latest news, events, and research pertaining to how to live in balance of mind, body, and spirit.

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